November 26, 2013


A friend of mine recently moved. Not a big deal, except that she moved to a new state, where she didn’t know anyone, with four kids, including a newborn, and her husband travels for work a lot. She is superwoman and does it all, but I figured she could still use a little help.

The best help anyone can offer me is a little quiet time. Something to keep the kids occupied. So I came up with this little guy, a game I call “How Many?”

The idea is to keep the kids busy running walking around the house, counting objects they hopefully have a lot of, thus keeping them busy longer.

Each kid has their own clipboard, too. Even the baby. I know the risks of her growing up and realizing she doesn’t have one, too.

I bought the clipboards at Staples during back-to-school. My lovely neighbor wrote the girl names - she has fantastic script - and I wrote the boy names.

When the kids are done counting, they can turn their clipboards in to the Mom for a prize.

What do you think? Will this buy her at least an hour? Fingers crossed…

What keeps your kids busy when you need a little time?

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November 25, 2013


Minion Cupcakes

Our daughter recently turned 10, and my husband insisted on making her these Minion cupcakes he saw on Pinterest. That, of course, meant I made the Minion cupcakes, but that’s okay. It was pretty easy, and they’re pretty cute.

Say hello. I mean, bello.

I saw these on Pinterest first, but didn’t follow any particular instructions. I’m more of a look-at-the-picture-and-figure-it-out kind of girl. There are lots of variations out there, just search “minion cupcakes” on Pinterest.

Happy baking!

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September 27, 2012


Pantry Challenge, Day 4

So. Today was okay. A bit boring since I have yet to make those blueberry muffins and our breakfast choices are severely lacking, but we made it.

On the spending freeze front, I drove right by a huge sign stating a “Multiple Family Garage Sale” was just down the street. That was hard. However, I made up for it a few miles later by stopping at a garage sale in our neighborhood. We are looking for a twin bed and I rationalized it was okay to look since it was a planned expense, something we’ve been needing for a long time. So I looked, but no bed. Boo.

Dinner was good. We started with fresh vegetables - a leftover cucumber in our fridge, sliced, the cutest cherry tomatoes you’ve ever seen, and Annie’s Cowgirl Ranch. Many thanks to my neighbor K for the cherry tomatoes. I believe this is the third ingredient she’s contributed to our challenge. It is clear we wouldn’t make it without her.

Our main course was Magic Chili. Magic because I threw stuff in a saucepan and hoped for the best. I was determined to get some protein (black beans) into my kids. Ingredients included crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes with green chiles, black beans, a red onion (borrowed from said neighbor), and spices. Our extremely fancy side dish was tortilla chips with melted cheese on top. (Can you really ever go wrong serving chips and cheese to kids?)

Mystery Chili. It was better than it looks.

I deem the day a success because we all ate well and didn’t spend a cent.

My last challenge lies in what to pack for my son’s snack tomorrow. Hmmm.

Day 5, I’m ready. Are you?

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