September 19, 2012


Olivia’s Gold Medal Party

Our daughter Olivia turned 11 this month. That’s right, 11. Can you believe it? We can’t either.

Over the years birthday parties around here have snowballed into a biggish affair. Admittedly it’s mostly my doing. I have a lot of creative energy that needs an outlet. The kids give me an idea and I run with it.

This year Olivia was inspired by the Olympics. She’s a gymnast and really liked the purple leotards the Olympic team wore for one of their events. Besides that, her team colors are purple and black, so it all came together really well.

Our usual cupcake tower, plus a purple ombre birthday cake. And let’s give credit where credit is due - the ombre cake idea came from The Hungry Housewife.

I made each kid at the party a gold medal. I gussied Olivia’s up a bit more since she was the guest of honor. I was a little worried I’d put all this time into making the medals and then no one would wear them, but they were actually a big hit.

Party favors were a bit trickier. I wanted something that was useful and wouldn’t end up at the bottom of a toy bin somewhere. On top of that, I preferred not to give out candy or more sugar. (Isn’t a cupcake, rice krispie treats, and cake enough?) I ended up with a healthy-ish trail mix. Athletes eat healthy, and edibles hopefully will disappear before they turn into just another toy. (Am I the only one who feels this way? I should take a poll.)

I scattered more decor here and there around the house, just to keep the other rooms lively, too. One day when I have an entire staff (ha!), or even an entire day to myself, AND an unlimited budget, I’ll decorate every inch of this place. Oh, the ideas are already coming to life in my head.

So that’s it for the gold medal party. I think I might throw myself a party next. My birthday is just a few days after Olivia’s, so I am usually too beat from her party to even think about mine. But I have this idea, and I really ought to put it to good use…

* Exciting Update - Olivia’s party was featured on Apartment Therapy! Read more here.

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